Having a gorgeous glow all year is possible with our Spa service. Whether you’re looking for a moisture boost, skin re-balancing treatment or renewed radiance and more. We can help you achieve more in a conducive and relax environment. See our services below.



Feel your tension melt into ultimate relaxation with a head, back or full body massage. Increase intensity with a Deep Tissue Massage targeted to your problem areas, whether back, shoulders or neck areas where you need it most.

₦ 10,000 t0 ₦ 15,000


Unwind while we target your pressure points with an indulgent facial treatment. Choose from one of our bespoke facials with high range of treatments like normal, turmerics and Microderm equipment

₦ 7,000 to ₦ 15,000


Treat yourself to ultimate indulgence! Smooth and soften your skin with our selection of deep cleansing & detoxifying body steaming treatments. Target aches and pains, cellulite and dull skin. Lay back as you are cocooned in relaxation.

₦ 3,000 to ₦ 18,000


Restore your skin’s natural radiance with our range of advanced body polish all tailored to fight the signs of aging. Target fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone or just stimulate your skin with Normal and Turmeric.

₦ 7,000 to ₦ 15,000